Sunday, August 10, 2014


Confession: Made a huge mistake at work two weeks ago.

I am an extremely high anxiety individual.  I put undo pressure on myself to be the best I can be. I try to do everything to perfection and learn as fast as possible. Granted since I am human,  thus I fall extremely short. I am not perfect at all. Doesn't stop me from stressing myself out to be better unfortunately.

This undo pressure manifested itself in the amount of time I gave myself to learn how to run payroll. Not too glamorous right?  But hey, I have to have goals somehow.  I wanted to learn in four pay-runs. On my fourth pay-run, all I had to learn was how to pay the bills at the end. My undo stress caused me to be verrry on edge.

My father is the type of person that when quitting time hits, it is time to go. I am more like my mother in the sense that I stay until I can finish everything on my to-do list, and if I can't then I take it home. (#workaholic)  But on this particular payroll Monday, I wasn't done at quitting time and my dad and I had ridden to work together. He was ready to go, and I wasn't.

Long story short, I told my dad to "Shut Up."  

A.) Never tell your father to "Shut Up."

B.) Never tell your boss to "Shut Up."

C.) Crying never helps, it only makes it worse.

In yoga class the other day, the teacher read a quote that really hit home. It went something like, " in school we are taught that mistakes are bad, but if you examine how we learn, it is through mistakes." I definitely learned that my parents are my bosses, and at work I can't confuse the two.  Huge mistake, and even bigger lesson learned.

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