Friday, May 30, 2014

Magnficent Uniform Style

One thing I have realized over the past few weeks is my inherent lack of fashion in my work wardrobe. Granted, when you have to wear non-slip shoes, black grandma pants, a name tag, a visor, and a button-down-company-issued shirt and belt, you might not have many fashion opportunities either.  The thing is my nails must be a certain length and color and even my jewelry selection is severely limited.  So I can't really distinguish myself style-wise. Then again, that's kinda the idea when it comes to uniforms.

My Day-to-Day Work Outfit

So that got me to thinking how style actually is defined by society. Mr. Webster says style is "a particular way in which something is done, created, or performed; a particular form or design of something; a way of behaving or of doing things" Ironically this says nothing about fashion. (Granted the sixth definition of style definitely mentions something regarding popular fashion is deemed in style, but thats beside the point!) I have found that the way I present myself is style.

At the General Managers and Operator's Rally, or GMOR as the McDonald's vets call it, a few weeks ago, Mr. Harry Paul spoke. He is one of the co-authors of the book Fish! A Proven Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results. His book is mainly about using the techniques of the Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle Washington. It's really cool and I highly recommend a read! One statement he made stuck with me. (And I'm paraphrasing, so go with me here) "Choose your attitude. Your attitude is the one thing you have complete control over." 

Every day I have a choice post-caffeine consumption of course, because before that I am a living zombie. I can choose to be magnificent or I can choose not. And standing in the power stance, a-la Sheryl Sanberg's superman pose, looking in the mirror saying "I will be magnificent today, no matter what" is very empowering. It has become a routine of mine and it has dramatically altered the way I view my days. The way I act is my style. Clothes are a reflection of that style, not the way to define your style. I am known for being high energy, intense, and hyper. I am unapologetically myself and my style is magnificent. What is yours?

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