Saturday, March 1, 2014


Ok, so after a major blogging hiatus due to a TON of traveling, I'm back.

Well, technically not yet. I'm sitting in the Edinburgh Airport about to head back to Juan les Pins after a whirlwind two almost three weeks. I will not attempt to address everything that has happened in those two and a half weeks in this post as you all would get incredibly sick of reading and I could possibly get the beginnings of carpal tunnel if I attempted that.   So in true blogger fashion, I will do multiple posts over the next couple days to recap my biggest adventure yet.

Just so everyone is aware, I was in London, Paris, the Scottish Highlands (read Loch Ness), Edinburgh, and St. Andrews over the last two almost three weeks. This involved seven planes, numerous metro or tube rides, at least nine train rides, ten bus rides, and lots of patience, which lets be real, I've already got limited amounts to begin with.  This trip tested my entire being. No shocker there to those who know me. I am so type A it hurts. This trip caused me to relax, step back, appreciate the mess-ups, get a little sick, cry, be alone, be with friends, and most importantly learn about myself in ways I would have never guessed.  It made me miss my family probably the most I have since I've left the good ol' US of A.   ( Love you Daddy, Momma and Buddy!)

Quick Shout Out: I am the proudest big sister ever!!!!!! My little (or not so little) brother made the Varsity Baseball team as a freshman!!!! I am so sad I can't be there, but know that I am praying for you and wishing I was there to see it, Buddy! 

So till I can get back to France, here are some pictures of my adventures. Enjoy readers!


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