Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fondue Art

Ages again since writing. Recap of the Louvre to follow.

I spent my Sunday morning at the largest museum in the world. FYI, I got lost. Not a shock there, but it was overwhelming.   I was so excited to see all the masters of art in one place nestled amongst the hubbub of Paris. I waited in line to walk into the glass pyramids that are a "stain on the face of Paris" according to Captain Fache from Dan Brown's infamous Da Vinci Code.  Personally, I think they are gorgeous, a perfect reflection of where we have come and where we are going.

Walking in, buying the ticket and then not grabbing a map, I hit confused SUPER quick. (Make sure you grab a map if you go!) I figured my best bet was to walk toward the most iconic lady of art, Mona.  I started up the escalator and then realized I had the Rick Steve's Audio Guide to Europe. Thank goodness for the Louvre chapter!!! I definitely saw some of the best art ever. I took about 3 art history classes in undergraduate--passion much more than profit-- and it instilled in me a beauty for sculpture, reliefs, and paintings.  I loved my lazy Sunday. For brevity's sake, I have included pictures of my favorite pieces.  

The iconic Venus de Milo, in the classic contraposto stance.

Relief from Greece

Madonna on the Rocks by Mr. Leonardo Himself 

Mrs. Mona Lisa

The Wedding at Cana

The Crowning of Napoleon--the largest painting in the Lourve

Just plain beautiful. Inverse contraposto. 

None of these pictures do the beauty of all this art justice. 

After a wonderful time in the Lourve, I decided to go over to the Eiffel Tower, during the day. Pictures galore were taken.  I then walked the Seine, to find the French Statue of Liberty. Couldn't find it. Found the most adorable golden retriever chasing ducks around the river and the bridge from Inception though. 

With an early flight the next morning, I met Nathalie for dinner. We took the metro over to Abbesses and walked aimlessly trying to find Le Refuge de Fondues.  This is a restaurant that is a hole in the wall. We had to stand outside on the street and wait for a free table. Let's clarify something about this restaurant--it is fondue.  Delicious fondue at that. However, outside of the delicious food, the all included price, the need to climb over tables to get into your booth there is one shining star. You get served unlimited wine in baby bottles. Yes you heard me right--baby bottles. The classic, glass bottle with a nipple and all.  It was quite an experience. Nathalie and I met this sweet British couple with whom we shared the meat and cheese fondue.  It was quite the perfect way to end my trip to Paris.  

The next morning--early flight from CDG (an airport I now detest) connecting in Birmingham and feeling sicker by the minute I arrived in Edinburgh.   A city I have come to love, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Stay tuned readers!    

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