Friday, January 17, 2014

Watches and the Sea

Day two of nine hours of watches.   Don't get me wrong.  I like watches as much as the next girl, but they are not what lights a fire in my belly.  I'm not even sure fashion does as it's a little too fickle... Classic pieces made with quality and heart... thats what excites me. So when someone is innovative as Laurent Lecamp, it makes everyone feed off of his energy and become interested. These swiss watches are amazing, they have such a powerful story behind them. Check out Cyrus Watches.  The espresso haze is keeping me alert. All in all 18 hours of the last 48 on watches and brand building is a lot for me.

The amount of rain is reminiscent of a monsoon, a hurricane, and a flood combined.  My jeans were exposed at the bus stop this morning and are soaked through.  Stocking up on vitamin C will be essential. Time to visit the pharmacy!! The one cool thing about the amount of rain over the last 48 hours is how it has transformed the sea.  Since I live so close to the ocean, it is common to smell the sea, but not hear it from my apartment window.

Where we live, the sea is unnaturally calm. It looks like glass that extends to the end of the earth.  However, last night.. as I was desperately running around Juan looking for an open grocery/convenience store, the power of the sea was on display. The roar of the sea was deafening.  Initially I thought it was the cars, then I thought it was the wind. But as I got closer to the boardwalk, I realized it was the ocean.  The sound of the surf was overwhelming, and the height of the waves was insane. Had to be at least 12 feet. (Ok maybe I exaggerate a smidge, but they were taller than the restaurants that are on the beach!!!)

These waves made me think of what it must've been like thousands of years ago traveling by sea. When the Apostle Paul journeyed to Rome, or when the disciples were terrified by the storm on the sea of Galilee, or Jonah was thrown overboard to stop the storm, I finally understand the fear. It was terrifying to watch the water, much less what it would've been like to be on a boat in that storm. The appreciation and understanding that one accidental stroll can cause really gave me perspective.   

All in all it made for a happy good night's sleep--rain, warm clean bed, full belly, and perspective. Oh, here are a couple pictures from my day trips to Nice and Cannes. I have to say, I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. 

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