Wednesday, January 8, 2014

"Fromage is a cooler word than Cheese"

It's so crazy to think about the concept of language.  We are all talking about the same things just using different words to speak about them.  While I haven't struggled with communicating with people in Juan les Pins too badly, (thanks Rainey for majoring in a foreign language) it's dawned on me that we are all trying to do the same thing, but language keeps us apart.

Simple phrases such as "Do you speak English," and "I speak no French" can really make the difference in how willing someone is to help you  (all said in French of course). This notorious reputation of the French being grumpy little buggers hasn't appeared yet.

Finding each other without phones has proved to be our saving grace and a mini miracle.  We spent most of yesterday walking around Antibes figuring out the phone issue so that we could communicate. And walking through Old Antibes was fantastic. The cobblestone streets somehow transport you back in time. (Minus the little cars buzzing around.) The old carousel is something out of a fairytale.

Never have I been more appreciative of my own space.  Having this little apartment to come back to and just relax is fantastic. Being in the center of Juan is incredibly convenient if I want to be social, catch a bus, eat, grab a coffee, or go for a run.

Today is the orientation at SKEMA.  We only know what time we start. Not where, not what time we end, or who is leading this orientation. Welcome to the relaxed French education system? Thankfully at least six of us live in Juan together so we are all just going to wing it. Winging it is not in my nature, I am a planner, so this entire move to Europe is going to challenge the very core of my nature. So here's to new experiences!

Au revior readers!

Old Antibes and the Carousel 

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